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Foshan WANJIADE Technology Company Limited has cooperation with the Chinese academy of sciences and universities have a research cooperation projects, in view of beneficiation, Mineral research, and the equipment manufacture which match the mineral line. also the equipment research, maintenance. the heat drying system of heat treatment, heat source, energy conservation, environmental protection, energy, make full use of such a direction is has a very in-depth research and development cooperation, and the application in the field of industrial production.
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Foshan WANJIADE Technology CO., LTD. major in non-metallic mineral, ceramic raw materials, chemical industry, food industry such as raw materials of fine powder dry, wet processing production equipment, the company set research and development, engineering design, manufacturing installation, commissioning services, sales in the integration of thermal drying equipment manufacturing enterprises.Read More+
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Foshan WANJIADE Technology Co.,Ltd has profession technical team ,service team to provide one -stop service from consulting, design, planning, manufacturing, installation.
The application of strong magnetic iron remover is more extensive. Because of the more common use of the internal parts, the internal parts need regular replace……
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Under the action of a certain temperature, the tool data of the permanent magnet iron remover acts with the surrounding medium (such as oxygen in the air, the s……
Jul 24
The magnetic field strength of the strong magnetic separator is up to 15000Gs, and it can be used to separate the weak magnetic minerals effectively. It is wide……
Jul 21
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