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  • Air Cooled Oil Free Piston Type Air Compressor
    Air Cooled Oil Free Piston Type Air Compressor
    Characteristic A series of air-cooled mobile air compressors (hereinafter referred to as air compressor) is based on a specific climate and environmental strip The new gas supply equipment developed by the aesthetic viewpoint of the Chinese people, as a...
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  • Air Classifier
    Air Classifier
    Air Classifier Introduction: The classifier is widely applied in the concentrator and the ball mill to make the closed cycle and separate the ore and sand, or to classify the ore and fine mud in the gravity concentrator, and to classify the size of the ore...
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  • Open Circuit Classifier
    Open Circuit Classifier
    Airflow impeller classifier(open circuit type) Introduction: Classifier and cyclone separator, dust remover, draught fan a grading system, with the rising air outlet to go by the high-speed motion classification classifier in the material end pumping force...
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  • Closed Circuit Classifier
    Closed Circuit Classifier
    Airflow impeller classifier(close circuit type) Introduction and working principle: The classification system consists of a classifier, a cyclone separator, a deduster, a fan and so on. The material suction force under the action of the fan by the lower...
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  • Hydrocyclone Classifier
    Hydrocyclone Classifier
    Introduction: hydrocyclone is a classification device that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the settlement of the ore particles. It needs pressure to ore, so it has great power consumption, but with small footprint, low price, large volume of...
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  • Hydrocyclones Classifier
    Hydrocyclones Classifier
    Hydrocyclones classifier Operation parameter 1.Feeding pressure: The feed pressure is an important parameter for the work of a cyclone. Improve the feed pressure, can increase the pulp flow, material by centrifugal force increases, can improve the...
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