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Air Classifier

Air Classifier Introduction: The classifier is widely applied in the concentrator and the ball mill to make the closed cycle and separate the ore and sand, or to classify the ore and fine mud in the gravity concentrator, and to classify the size of the ore slurry in the metal dressing process,...

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Air Classifier

The classifier is widely applied in the concentrator and the ball mill to make the closed cycle and separate the ore and sand, or to classify the ore and fine mud in the gravity concentrator, and to classify the size of the ore slurry in the metal dressing process, and to deslime and dehydrate in the washing operation. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work and easy operation.

Classification and principle
The spiral classifier is mainly composed of high weir, single helix, double helix, low weir, single helix, double helix, submerged single helix and double helix.
The low weir type one overflow weir is lower than the spiral axis of rotation. Because of the small settlement area, this kind of classifier is only used to flush the dehydration of not much slime and coarse particles in actual production, and it is rarely used in the grinding cycle.

The high weir type one overflow weir is higher than the spiral axis, but is lower than the upper edge of the spillway end spiral. The settlement area of the classifier is larger than that of the weir type. The weir height can be adjusted within a certain range, that is, the area of the settlement area can be adjusted within a certain range, so that the grading granularity can be adjusted. It is a commonly used equipment in the grinding cycle.

The sunken type one has 4~5 spiral leaves at the end of the overflow weir and all sunk in the pulp. The sedimentation area of the classifier is larger and the classification pool is deep, and the spiral agitation has little influence on the surface of the pulp. So the grading surface is smooth and the flow rate is large and fine. A grading equipment used as fine grinding or two section grinding in the production of a concentrator

Scope of application
After the air classifier is put into the classifier through the feeding mechanism, the coarse and fine powder is separated under the action of the graded vortex force. Fine powder, which meets the requirements of fineness, is entered into a fine powder collection system through a grading wheel.The coarse powder and agglomeration fine powder are reduced to the two air intake along the wall of the machine. The spiral centrifugal upward airflow generated by the cascade is used to rinse the material strongly, so that the coarse and fine powder is separated again. The fine powder will be sorted again with the ascending air flow into the grading area again, and the coarse powder will be lowered to the air inlet once, and it will receive a strong cleaning of the intake air flow, so that the pure coarse powder will be discharged out of the machine. The horizontal grading wheel has the exact vertex cutting size, which ensures that the fine powder is not contained in the fine powder, and the coarse powder is fully cleaned. The classifier has very high classification precision, classification efficiency and grade fineness.

Its technological process is that the negative pressure generated by the induced draft fan brings the material into the classifier body, and the fine powder after classification is gathered into the fine powder collector, filtered, and filtered clean air is discharged into the atmosphere.

The whole machine is operated with negative pressure, and no dust is released. The coarse powder is discharged by the discharging valve in the lower part of the main machine of the classifier. Our classifier can be graded according to the old country abrasive standard W3.5-W63, the new national abrasive standard, the ISO abrasive standard, the Japanese abrasive JIS standard and the European abrasive standard (F1200-F240).

Since the current classifier is a new type of Superfine Classifier Zhengyuan Powder Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd. developed, is a perfect combination of self shunt technology and centrifugal inertia grading classification technology, the core technology reached the world advanced level, technical performance of a qualitative leap than the turbo classifier.

1.Low energy consumption: the same amount of treatment, the energy consumption is 50% lower than the other horizontal and vertical grader.
2.High efficiency: the same amount of treatment, the classification efficiency is 50% higher than the other horizontal and vertical grader.
3.High precision: high degree of fineness and complete elimination of oversized particles and sifter in the product
4.Low speed: the same graded particle size, and the speed of graded rotation is 50% lower than that of other horizontal and vertical graders. Production of powder Mohs hardness of < 5, grading wheel wear; the production of more than 7 Mohs hardness of powder, grading wheel service life is 5~8 times higher than the other horizontal and vertical
5.High output: the output of the mainframe is up to 50t/h
6.Complete structure: a special hierarchical structure can be configured according to different special requirements
7.A closed or open system can be made up of a variety of grinding machines, such as ball mill, Raymond mill, impact mill, air mill and so on
8.Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, good environment
9.High degree of automation, strong stability and easy operation

application scope
1、Ultrafine classification of various powders, removal of sundries and dispersion
2、The classification of coarse particles with superfine powder and nanometer powder, strong stickiness, strong agglomerate, difficult to disperse and poor fluidity.
The air classifier also has the following alternative products, the JZF series air classifier, which is mainly composed of the motor, the graded shell body and the extension wheel. The motor drives the grading wheel to rotate at a high speed in the hierarchical shell (the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily) and forms a powerful centrifugal force in the classifier. Into the gas powder mixture classifier first enter the classification round, under the action of centrifugal force, large or heavy particles by centrifugal force, so it was thrown to the outside wall to the grading wheel classifier, and are no longer influenced by centrifugal force, the whereabouts of the natural host to crushing crushing or falling out feed collect; small or light materials by centrifugal force, in the classification round inside hover, lead by the fan of the wind was taken to the high, move to the next component along the pipeline was graded or collected. The size of the centrifugal force in the classifier can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the grading wheel by frequency conversion, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the specified granularity of the material.

Working principle
The spiral classifier is based on the principle that the settling velocity of liquid in different liquids is different from that of solid particles in different size and specific gravity, and the fine mineral pellets float and overflow in the water, and the coarse ore grains sink to the bottom of the tank. A grading device that drives the upper part of the spiral to the mechanical classification. It can filter the powder material grinded in the mill, then spin the coarse material into the feed port of the mill by screw chip, and discharge the filtered fine material from the overflow pipe. The base of the machine is channel steel, and the body is welded by steel plate. The head of the screw shaft, the shaft head and the pig iron sleeve are worn and durable, and the lifting device is divided into two kinds of electric and manual lifting devices.

Spiral classifier structure
The classifier is mainly composed of the transmission device, the helix body, the tank body, the lifting mechanism, the lower support (axle bush) and the ore discharging valve.

Feature of equipment
1.The SF series of sand and powder separator is made by Japanese technology development. It is specially used for separating the super standard stone powder in the dry process production of the machine sand. It can control the content of the aggregate and the stone powder very conveniently and meet the users' requirements.
2.The technology is advanced and the process is simple. It is especially suitable for the dry process large and medium sand production line.
3.The content of 0.00--0.75mm stone powder is adjustable between 2%-15%
4.The quality of the stone powder is easy to be controlled and the fineness is easily adjusted, flexible and reliable.
5.Tile lining, very low maintenance rate
6.Using frequency conversion control technology, the operation is more concise

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