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  • Chamber Filter Press
    Chamber Filter Press
    Chamber filter press Introduction: Chamber filter press has a flat filter plate and a hollow filter frame, the filter cloth is fixed on the frame, which is the main form of early press, the main advantage of filter press is the replacement of the filter...
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  • Vibrating Dehydrating Screen
    Vibrating Dehydrating Screen
    The vibrating dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering, desliming and dewatering. It can be used for sand washing, sand washing, coal preparation and tailings dry draining. So it is also called sand and gravel dewatering screen, mining dewatering...
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  • Disc Type Vacuum Filter Disc Dehydrator
    Disc Type Vacuum Filter Disc Dehydrator
    1: the new filter fan has uniform distribution of dewatering holes, reasonable pore diameter, high strength and long service life. At the same time, the effective area of the filter fan is large, which improves the processing capacity of the machine. 2:...
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  • Hydraulic Pressing
    Hydraulic Pressing
    ​Introduction: The hydraulic press is a kind of intermittent pressurized filter device, for a variety of suspension of the solid-liquid separation, the separation effect is good, easy to use, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical,...
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  • Automatic Plate Shift
    Automatic Plate Shift
    Introduction: The difference between the automatic pressure filter and the ordinary filter press is that the automatic drawing board system, the automatic liquid turning plate, the automatic cleaning filter and so on are many. Make the operation of the...
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  • Automatic Gathering Liquid Tray
    Automatic Gathering Liquid Tray
    Introduction: XMZ/1250-U series fan filter press is a kind of pressure filtering equipment which is applied to the separation of suspended solid and liquid, and belongs to the clearance operation. It is mainly suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy,...
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  • Electrohydraulic Integration
    Electrohydraulic Integration
    ​Feature: Vertical design.Automatic; Precision filtration, high efficiency filtration The structure is compact, the design is reasonable, the sludge dehydration rate is high and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The equipment covers a small area...
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  • Disc Vacuum Dehydrator
    Disc Vacuum Dehydrator
    Introduction According to the characteristics of metal mineral density, fast sedimentation, solid particles in the filtrate of filter tube with strong impact on the reliability, stability and the overall structure of the made a leap of improvement, the...
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