• Ball Mill Inverter

    EM318C series Ball mill inverter EM318C series Energy saving controller for ball mill, specially aiming at the energy saving transformation of ball mill. Specification feature 1.90kW converter with built-in three-phase AC reactor, the current impact effectively limit the grid...
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  • Universal Frequency Inverter

    EM500 series Universal frequency inverter. Open loop vector control inverter EM500 series: support He Yongci AC three-phase asynchronous motor synchronous motor drive control; to support a variety of international leading technology: VF vector control technology improvement...
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  • High Performance Inverter

    FRENIC-Ace high performance inverter The most suitable and minimum size frequency converter can be selected according to the usage. The standard supports the software customization of the frequency converter. The digital logic circuit or the analog calculus circuit can be...
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  • Compact Frequency Inverter

    compact frequency inverter
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  • Vector Control Inverter

    EM303BSeries open circuit inverter The EM303B series inverter is a high performance vector controlled inverter which is introduced by the sine electric. This product adopts the international advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, not only the speed regulating...
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  • Pump and Fan Inverter

    FRENIC-VP series pump and fan inverter specification
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