Magnet Material

Metallurgical Ore Permanent Magnetic Separator

Metallurgical Ore Permanent Magnetic Separator

Permanent magnet drum type magnetic separator is suitable for metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, ore dressing plant and other enterprises, institutions and individual users, for the selection of fine particles of magnetic minerals, or to remove the magnetic minerals in the mixed magnetic minerals.
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Computer optimization design;
The magnetic circuit is reasonable and the high coercivity is selected strictly.
The permanent magnet of high residual magnetism ensures that the magnetism does not decrease for a long time.
Safeguard the long-term interests of users, the overall structure is reliable and durable.

At the same time, due to the low speed of the cylinder, the operation is more stable and reliable, the noise is small, and the maintenance is convenient.

Because of the large diameter of cylinder, the permanent magnet drum type magnetic separator has a smooth, smooth, uniform and long separation.

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