Magnet Material

Permanent Magnetic Belt Magnetic Separation

Permanent Magnetic Belt Magnetic Separation

The belt iron removing machine is mainly used to remove ferromagnetic and magnetic impurities contained in non-magnetic materials, to purify or protect the fine crushing equipment in lower level operations (such as Raymond mill, vertical crusher, roller mill, packaging machine, etc.)
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Permanent magnetic belt magnetic separation, alias belt type iron removal machine.

1. rows of iron convenient, pull rod, adsorption of ferromagnetic materials in magnetic separation automatic falling from the taphole discharge.

2. continuous work, the raw material can continue to work when drawing out the iron, and the feed is not suspended.

3. low energy consumption, pollution-free, easy cleaning and no stop using isolated iron deferring mode

4. iron removal warehouse and finished products warehouse isolation, to avoid the iron into the warehouse, the iron removal process has the advantages of simple structure, a user can change the ring off, convenient and quick.永磁皮带磁选机

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