Wet Electromagnetic Separator

  • Water-cooling Wet Slurry Magnetic Separator

    Water cooling electromagnetic paste automatic iron removing machine is a new type of high efficiency iron removing machine. The deionized water is recycled in the hollow copper tube by the circulating pump, and the heat produced by the copper pipe is taken away. Nonmetal:...
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  • Wet Slurry High Intensity Magnetic Separator

    This product is widely used in the removal of iron and other magnetic substances in the slurry (such as food, medicine, chemical industry, grinding, ceramics, mining, pigments, metallurgy and other industries, especially in the ceramic industry glaze iron removal In feldspar...
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  • Single Cavity Permanent Magnet Magnetic Separator

    High gradient magnetic field: the magnetic field can produce a strong magnetic field of up to 18000GS. The effect of iron removal is good, and the iron removal efficiency of the ferromagnetic material more than 200 is more than 95%. Large amount of treatment: the processing...
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  • Automatic Magnetic Stick Box

    The magnetic bar of magnetic box uses super rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB as magnetic source, which can save power consumption compared with electromagnetic iron remover; use magnetic force of magnetic bar to sort small iron impurities to protect it A selection of...
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  • Water-cooling Electromagnetic Automatic Slurry Separator

    The automatic iron removing machine for water cooled electromagnetic slurry is a new type of high efficiency iron removal machine. The deionized water is circulate in the hollow copper tube through a circulating pump to take away the heat generated by the electrified copper...
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  • Permanent Magnetic Cylinder Type Magnetic Separator

    Processing customization:yes; Ore feeding mode:Upper mine magnetic separator ; brand:WJD;Model:CTB; purpose:Mineral classification ; alias:Magnetic separator; processing capacity:4.5(m3/h); Motor power:1.1(kw); Shape size : 400*400(mm); weight : 1-2(t); Magnetic field...
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  • Quartz Permanent Magnet Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator

    The permanent magnet vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator can significantly improve the grade of magnetic concentrate, and maintain the advantages of high recovery rate for fine magnetic minerals. Besides, pulsation also has the function of preventing magnetic media...
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  • Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

    Advantage High magnetic induction; The internal temperature rise is small, and the magnetic induction intensity is attenuated for long term operation; Long working cycle; It has wide adaptability to ore size and concentration, and has high beneficiation efficiency; Convenient...
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  • Dry High Intensity Magnetic Separator

    Products induction High gradient magnetic separation machine is our company according to the characteristics of strong magnetic separators at home and abroad, a new type of magnetic separator is developed. The series is strong magnetic magnetic separation equipment at home...
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