Application Characteristics Of Dry Magnetic Separator
Jul 17, 2018

     Dry magnetic separator is a magnetic separator for dry magnetic separation in mineral mineral processing. It is relative to wet magnetic separator. The ore dressing operation of this kind of equipment has a certain advantage. It is particularly suitable for mineral processing in some minerals and in certain special conditions.

     Dry magnetic separator does not need to use water as a medium. In the environment of water shortage in western regions such as Xinjiang and Gansu in China, mineral processing can also be carried out, which reduces the limitation of natural conditions to mineral processing. In addition, water is required to be recycled during wet magnetic separation, while dry magnetic separation reduces the cost of water treatment and water circulation, and increases the rate of beneficiation.

     Dry magnetic separator can be used for crushing and crushing coarse ore. Compared with wet magnetic separation operation after grinding machine grinding, its beneficiation process is simple, equipment investment is low, and the use of tailings can be avoided, and the pressure on environment and safety is reduced.

     The dry magnetic separator can reduce the equipment and investment in the field of dehydration and drying after wet magnetic separation, and reduce the cost of production for some mineral processing final products which require special mineral and special materials with low water content or dry state.

     In the process of dry magnetic separation, because the water is not used as the medium, the strength of mineral in the mineral processing is relatively simple. At the same time, the stable and easy to adjust operation conditions can be obtained by means of quantitative feeding, vibration uniform feeding and so on. In some cases, it can not only reduce the cost of mineral processing, but also get better. The index of ore dressing operation. In the non-metallic mineral processing, such as quartz sand and feldspar, because the required size range is narrow (glass quartz sand is 20~140 mesh), it is more suitable for dry magnetic separation. For example, the ore dressing of a quartz sand ore in the next figure (A is wet magnetic separation, B is dry magnetic separation), the two kinds of process have little difference in Beneficiation effect. However, considering the difference in the cost of crushing, grinding and water treatment under the two processes, it is more suitable for the mine to adopt dry magnetic separation process.

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