Application Fields And Technical Requirements Of Kaolin
Apr 27, 2018

Kaolin is a kind of fine-grained clay which is mainly composed of kaolinite minerals.The raw ore contains a small amount of montmorillonite, illite, Shi Ying, mica, pyrite, calcite, organic matter and other impurities.Its main use is to make daily ceramics, industrial ceramics, enamel and refractory materials;Can also be used as fillers or white pigments for paper making, rubber and plastic products, coatings and the like.

  1. application of kaolin in ceramic industry

    Kaolin is mainly used as raw material in China's ceramic industry ( including ceramics and enamel ).The three basic raw materials of ceramic products are plastic raw materials, barren raw materials and flux raw materials, of which the plastic raw materials are mainly clay mineral raw materials, the most commonly used is kaolin.

    Ceramic kaolin product categories, codes and uses, appearance quality requirements

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