Application Range Of Super Magnetic Separator
Jul 11, 2018

     The magnetic field strength of the drum surface of the Super magnetic separator is very deep, and the magnetic system of the magnetic field surface is stable.

Application range of Super magnetic separator:

1. Hematite, limonite, siderite, manganese ore and Luohua iron ore.

2. Coarse selection and selection of ilmenite

3. A strong magnetic separation operation of various weakly magnetic minerals in the case of high magnetic mineral content.

4. Recovery of weak magnetic minerals in the overflow of hematite limonite, ilmenite and manganese ore.

5. In addition to weak magnetic mineral operations, non-ferrous metal ores such as cassiterite and Jin Hongshi are operated.

6. The addition of weak magnetic minerals to feldspar, quartz sand, kaolin, zircon, monazite and other minerals.


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