Artificial Intelligence Iron Removal Machine Equipment
Apr 16, 2018

After the financial crisis, artificial intelligence technology has once again become a guideline for the development of science and technology. Humans pay more attention to the research of artificial intelligence technology, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence basic research, human brain research, network integration, 3D smart printing and other fields. More and more scientists are looking forward to artificial intelligence becoming the breakthrough point for the next productivity leap after humans entered the era of knowledge economy. How to apply the artificial intelligence technology to the development of the iron removal machine technology is of great significance to the technical research and development of the iron removal machine equipment manufacturers.Artificial intelligence technology is a forward-looking scientific research. Since the development of information technology, people have conducted long-term scientific explorations and technological crackdowns in this field, and have continuously emerged new ideas, new ideas, new theories, and new technologies. The birthplace of the future scientific and technological revolution.As far as the current stage of development is concerned, its connotation and extension have evolved from school of thoughts such as connectionism, symbolism, and behaviorism to the broad sense of intelligent science. Intelligence is the development trend of information technology in the future, and it is also an important characteristic of the third industrial revolution. It has become a key link in technological innovation in the field of production and life, and has far-reaching implications.

The research and application of artificial intelligence set off a new upsurge. On the one hand, it is a breakthrough in the performance of computer hardware, and on the other hand, the rapid development of computing technology represented by cloud computing has greatly improved the speed and quality of information processing, and can handle massive amounts of data in a fast and parallel manner. Based on the development of computer technology and cloud computing, by processing huge amounts of data, simple instructions are formed to command smart devices to react.

In the development of iron removal machine technology, in addition to the iron machine factory and a number of scientific research departments horizontally, continuously innovate iron removal machine technology. Today, we are also thinking about how to combine the iron removal machine with artificial intelligence technology to produce a more efficient and more intelligent iron removal equipment.

In addition to the iron ore processing machine in the beneficiation process is often affected by a variety of factors, including the bottom box type, magnetic structure, magnetic field characteristics, there are magnetic declination, working clearance, separation concentration and cylinder speed and other factors, Reduces the working efficiency of the iron remover and also affects the recovery rate of the iron remover. Although these factors have corresponding plans to solve, they have consumed manpower and material resources and are not conducive to the development needs of the society in the future. At this point, Gao Mingrun and Iron Remover Factory proposed to apply the artificial intelligence technology to the iron removal machine technology and intelligently control the demineralization process by computer equipment.

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