Beneficiation Methods Of Potassium Sodium Feldspar
Jun 26, 2018

     At present, the main sources of potassium and feldspar are pegmatite, fine-grained rock, weathered granite and feldspar sand. For different sources of potassium and sodium feldspar, different mineral processing methods are generally adopted.

1. Pegmatite is generally selectively mined or hand-selected and dry-processed. Raw ore → coarsely crushing → finely divided → grounding → strong magnetic beneficiation/electrostatic beneficiation → classification → packaging → product.

2. Weathered granite. For the loss of mica, it only needs to be washed and screened; in the case of mica, after crushing and grinding, the mica and iron minerals are removed by flotation, and feldspar and quartz are separated.

3.  Most of the fine-grained rocks that meet the industrial requirements do not contain mica. When the feldspar content is high, they only need to be crushed, ground, screened, and magnetically separated.

4. After the semi-weathered granite is broken by a jaw crusher, a cone crusher, and a grind mill, the mica and iron minerals are floated and then the feldspar is floated and separated from the quartz. The feldspathic placer can also be selected by similar methods.

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