Characteristics And Application Range Of Ceramic Ball Grinder
May 30, 2018

     Ceramic ball grinder is a kind of ball grinder. Its difference from ordinary ball grinder is that his liner is made of ceramics. Its capacity is small and it is suitable for mixing and grinding of small quantities of materials. Dry grinder can also be wet. Compared with other ball Mills, the characteristics of ceramic ball mills are as follows:

1. The type of lining plate can be changed: ceramic ball mill depending on the production of different materials, you can use different lining plates to meet different needs;
2. The scope of application is large: Ceramic ball grinder in addition to grinding materials, but also in a large stone mill can be medium, fine and ultra-fine crushing of materials, and can process various ores;
3. Good energy conservation: Ceramic ball mill can start from decompression in the work, reduce the start current, so more energy saving;
4. The product particle size is uniform: because the ceramic ball mill output gate has a plate in control of the granularity of its output, too large materials are difficult to discharge from the outlet, so the product's large material content is small, meeting the requirements of the material particles;

5. Small area: Compared with other ball Mills, the length of ceramic ball Mills is short, so its area is small, which can reduce the cost of good land input;
6. Stable operation: The main transmission device of ceramic ball mill adopts closed gear, so the transmission stability is enhanced;
7. Low price: Compared with other ball Mills, ceramic ball mills are cheap and cost recovery is fast.


     The above is the main advantage of the ceramic ball mill. Although the ceramic ball mill is suitable for all minerals, it is usually more obvious in the grinding of materials with high iron content and high cleanliness. Because of its relatively small production capacity, we can use multiple equipment at the same time to increase production. Ceramic ball mills are often used for fine grinding operations, such as ceramic glaze and ultra-fine quartz powder, for iron content and cleanliness of materials.


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