Characteristics Of Dry Magnetic Separators
Jun 12, 2018

     Dry magnetic separator refers to a magnetic separator used for dry ore dressing. Dry magnetic separation corresponds to wet magnetic separation. The latter ore dressing process requires the use of water. After the ore is pre-mixed into slurry, it is processed in the magnetic separator. Mine, while dry magnetic separation does not require water, Relying on the flow of mineral particles themselves or auxiliary feed equipment to assist in sorting.

     The advantage of dry magnetic separators is that they are not limited by water and are suitable for arid and water-deficient environments. There will be no external discharge of mineral water during the ore processing process, and they will not cause pollution to the water environment. The supply of dry magnetic separator generally needs to achieve the uniform distribution of the distribution of the ore on the separation surface by means of electric vibration feeder, inertial vibration feeder and other equipment.

     Dry magnetic separators are particularly suitable for ore dressing of coarse-grained minerals. For example, the upper limit of ore particle size can reach 350(magnetic pulley) during magnetite ore dressing, and the upper limit of suitable dry magnetic separation iron particle size for quartz and feldspar is generally not more than 1mm. As the granularity of minerals decreases, its own fluidity becomes worse. Therefore, if dry magnetic separation contains more powders in the ore, it will have a more obvious impact on the magnetic separation effect, and it will have an impact on the ore dressing accuracy, and it is easy to appear. "material" phenomenon.

     Dry magnetic separation is relatively simple when used for rough ore dressing. When magnetic minerals are separated from magnetic minerals, it is easy to form different product areas of concentrate-middle ore-tailings belt, which is convenient for obtaining products with different mineral dressing indexes. When there are mineral ligands in the feed ore, more accurate concentrate and tailings products can be obtained by further crushing the middle ore and returning to magnetic separation operations.

     The mineral dressing effect of dry magnetic separators is relatively easy to adjust. The common factors that regulate the dressing effect are speed, baffle position, etc.. After determining the appropriate working magnetic field and the diameter of the roller of the magnetic separator, when there is a large change in the ore, By reasonable adjustment, The same mineral processing effect can also be obtained.

     When dry magnetic separation operation, it should pay attention to the magnetic agglomeration of strong magnetic minerals, and eliminate the adverse effects of high content of water and powder as far as possible.

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