Characteristics Of Quartz Sand Plate Magnetic Separator
Jul 19, 2018

     Quartz sand plate magnetic separator and quartz sand plate magnetic separator are high end products in the field of iron removal equipment. For ceramic and glass professional materials, besides iron technical process equipment, potassium feldspar, albite, chrysotile, lithiite, ceramic material, wollastonite, quartz sand, kaolin iron removal, dry material and wet material, iron removal operation can be carried out. The separation of mechanical iron and weak magnetic impurities, the efficiency of iron removal can reach 98%. separation of quartz sand magnetic separation iron grade (black), can be sold as iron ore, increase the added value and utilization of capital.

The advantages of quartz sand plate magnetic separator:

1. The equipment can not use the value of non metal mineral powder, iron ore by sorting out qualified materials sold, and iron powder can also be sold as fine powder, the two income in combination is quite economic and social benefits.

2. The magnetic induction intensity is as high as 15000 Gauss, the magnetic field distribution is uniform, the magnetic field gradient is high, besides has the extremely good function in the iron.

3. We plan the programmer control system, equipment operation process: feed, nesting, feed, iron, flushing process to complete automatic control, without manual operation and protection, completely free of iron residue, convenient.

4. The equipment is brushed and unloaded, strong magnetic ring is manufactured, unloaded and cleaned, and has the characteristics of low power consumption.

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