Classification Of High Gradient Magnetic Separator
Jul 14, 2018

     The high gradient magnetic separator is a kind of equipment that specializes in ore dressing for weak magnetic ore, which can be divided into two kinds. The usually weak magnetic ore mainly consists of limonite, hematite, manganese ore and symbiotic ore (a variety of minerals exist together). This kind of weak magnetic ore is mainly composed of iron oxide, if you want to oxidize three to two Iron extraction will be used to use high-strength magnetic equipment selection, our company is invited to the most professional personnel for this difficult to solve the mine specially developed high strength magnetic separator. The convenience is provided for everyone.

     Many weak magnetic ores are lumpy, which should be broken first, ball milling and then magnetic separation. Usually, the experiment is divided into the analysis of ore properties, Hubei breaking, screening, roll breaking, grinding and re magnetic separation. According to the different properties of each mine, the best experimental method is found to reach the beneficiation intention.

     Any ore is not a monomer. Usually, the weak magnetic ore includes some mechanical iron (iron oxide), and other substances (phosphorous and silicon, etc.). The magnetic field strength of the high strength magnetic separator can reach 12000-16000 Gauss. If the mechanical iron is not selected out of the original ore, the mechanical iron will affect the high strength magnetic separation in the practice of mineral processing. The mineral processing of the mining machine, this mechanical iron sticky on the strong magnetic roller will affect the magnetic field of the strong magnetic machine, so that the magnetic field can not reach the concentrate flow into the tailings reservoir, so before the selection of iron oxide, the existing mechanical iron should be selected.

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