Common Faults And Solutions For Iron Ore Magnetic Separator
Mar 17, 2018


Iron ore magnetic separator is a new type of energy saving equipment developed in the past twenty years. It is mainly used for dry and wet sorting of fine magnetic minerals.


The common faults of slag in the process of using iron ore separator are the following:

1, the iron ore separator will enter the barrier, and the light will mark the cylinder skin. The heavy person will block the cylinder or break the cylinder skin. When this happens, we should immediately stop and remove the obstacles. Magnetic separator manufacturers should strictly avoid bolts, nuts, iron wire and other metal products from falling into the magnetic separator. In order to prevent large ore from entering the magnetic separator with ore pulp, the sieve plate should be added to the ore feeder to block the bulk and debris, and it should be cleaned regularly.

2. The magnetic block in the iron ore magnetic separator shedding, at this time the cylinder has a clicking sound, when the cylinder is seriously broken, it should be immediately stopped and overhauled. Prevent the magnetic block from falling off again, and use thin copper sheet to cover the magnetic system during maintenance.

3, semi countercurrent groove bottom blowing water nozzle sometimes because of calcium node blockage caused by nozzle of ore deposition or gap blockage, suspected of having this problem should stop checking. Sometimes blowing water nozzle is not blocked, but due to the gap somewhere there is debris clearance jam fault phenomenon is the drum skin without concentrate, available at the time of high pressure water flush blockage.

4, iron ore magnetic separator slot is worn out somewhere, such as half reverse flow trough, middle layer or tailings pipe wear and tear. The raw ore will be short circuited to enter the tailings, so that the tailings grade will rise. If the tailing grade suddenly rises and stays high, it can be suspected to be the leakage of the tank.

5, if iron ore magnetic separator has been used for many years, the grade of tailings will gradually increase if there is no change in the nature of the original ore. It may be due to the degradation of magnetic blocks and the reduction of magnetic field strength. The field strength of the magnetic separator can be measured, and the magnetic field should be magnetized if the intensity of the magnetic field is reduced too much.

6. The mechanical faults of iron ore magnetic separator, such as gear wear, screw loosening and dislocation, motor malfunction, should be found in time and timely maintenance.

Any equipment has its service life, hope that the iron ore magnetic separator users can better use it, play the best role of the equipment.

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