Correct Installation Method Of Dry Magnetic Separator
Jun 13, 2018

     The magnetic separator, which is composed of the driving device, the cylinder and the tank, is also very important. First, we should understand how the magnetic separator should be installed correctly and the correct installation of the magnetic separator is the premise of ensuring the safe and normal production. Then, what is the correct installation method for magnetic separators?

1. Choose the right ground or foundation. Installed on a flat, solid concrete or steel foundation, the smooth and uniform force of the magnetic separator should be kept in order to guard against the deformation of the frame caused by the uneven foundation.

2. After fixing it, the bottom beam magnetic pole vertical axis and the turntable upper beam drive device are installed to carry out the pressure test of the magnetizing coil, and then the crane is used to install the transmission device, the bottom beam, the upper beam, the magnetic pole head, the rotating disk, the vertical axis and the magnetizing coil.

3. Before the installation is completed, the test leak test should be carried out before the test run. Clean the parts of the equipment with clean water, and then connect the power to adjust the magnetic separator to the use state.

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