Development Of Magnetic Separator
May 18, 2018

The technological innovation of iron remover is an eternal process. Everything stagnates in the present situation and inevitably leads to its destruction. This time WJD experts again introduce the iron remover for you, which is mainly used to remove the miscellaneous material, which requires continuous breakthrough in technology because of its complexity.

Recently, the first low temperature superconductor iron remover in China has been successfully downline, which marks the successful filling of the gap in the field of cryogenic superconductivity, breaking the awkward situation of importing from the United States for a long time, and opening a new chapter for the application of low temperature superconducting technology to the field of magnetoelectricity. What are the technical advantages of the ground temperature superconducting iron remover? WJD gives you a brief introduction.

Its new type of iron remover mainly has the following characteristics. Its central magnetic field 30 thousand Gauss has been successfully developed after nearly two years of tackling key problems. The central magnetic field strength is 3 Tesla, and its energy storage is 3 trillion and 400 billion joules. It produces a powerful magnetic field needed to remove the ferromagnetic impurities in the raw materials such as coal. The advantage is that the conductor has no resistance in the superconducting state (- 269 C). In addition, it also has high magnetic field strength, large magnetic field gradient, strong iron absorption capacity, light weight, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The advantages of the proposed.

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