Domestic Magnetic Separator Industry Equipment From Small To Large Gradually Transformation
Jan 19, 2018

With the continuous progress of science and technology, products from all walks of life have changed markedly. Take powerful road and bridge magnetic separator, the degree of development can be widely at home and abroad, the key is the continuous updating of technology. Today, the pace of economic development is so rapid that urban construction and even rural economies are developing very rapidly. As we all know, China is vast and rich in resources. Mining a variety of mineral resources at the same time, often sometimes a little disregard for the overall situation, blindly mining more, waste is a point, it can be said that mineral resources in the mining waste of mineral resources can be said to be very large. How to make it a critical problem not to waste when resources are mined now the magnetic separator equipment from the traditional small equipment gradually changed, not only the equipment transformation is relatively large, but also in the processing of the volume above is more and more good, for the magnetic separator in the equipment above the further development, the manufacturers are also trying to do all the way, Only by improving the performance of products, we can better the product to provide users with perfect service.

Magnetic separator equipment Structure of the focus on the device in the drum, my company's equipment in the selection of materials used in the equipment is stainless steel flange and stainless steel cylinder skin welded, and the barrel wall thickness is also a precise design, the selection of production and processing materials are also non magnetic conductive stainless steel materials, such materials can let the rotary drum in rotation, Let the parts of each part have better supporting function, in the strength of the drum is also greatly enhanced, such material to the overall performance of the magnetic separator, can be said to be a big step forward, mechanical equipment completely improved, performance of all aspects of the running-in is very in place, not to mention the quality of the product, Such advantages can only be said to be in the future development could be said to be more stable.

With the selection of materials very prominent on the one hand, magnetic separator machinery and equipment of the drum wall with the thickness of the increase in strength, such advantages are not easy to deformation in the process of operation, so that magnetic separator can be used for a long time, in order to better serve customers. However, is not the thickness has been increasing is to play the best effect, the thickness of the cylinder to be controlled in 5mm, only in such a range can better play the advantages of magnetic separator, better service customers, with high yield effect to let customers personally experience the practicality of the product effect.

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