Dry Benefication Technology
Jul 02, 2018

     Dry process is a simple and economical processing technology. After a hammer crusher is broken to 25.4mm, the extracted raw ore is given to the cage type crusher to reduce the grain size to 6.35mm. The hot air in the cage type crusher reduces the water content of the kaolin from 20% to about 10%. After crushing, the ore is further refined by the blow type Raymond mill with centrifuges and cyclone dust remover. The process can remove most of the sand and stones, and the products are usually used in low cost filler for rubber, plastics and paper industry. When used in papermaking industry, the product can be used as filler for ash content of filler layer less than 10% or 12%, and the brightness requirement of the product is not high at this time.

     When the drying method requires higher whiteness of the product, dry type iron removal must be done on the products produced by Raymond mill. The advantages of dry process are that the dehydration and drying process can be eliminated, the loss of ash powder is reduced, the process flow is short, the cost of production is low, and it is suitable for the areas of drought and water shortage. But to get high purity and high quality kaolin, we must rely on wet process.

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