Dry Magnetic Separator
Jun 06, 2018

     Dry magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, low operating cost, low investment, and energy conservation and environmental protection. Dry magnetic separation technology is especially suitable for cold regions with abundant resources but severe water shortage in the West and north of China. In addition, the application of dry magnetic separation technology in open pit iron ore can not only effectively recover low-grade magnetite, but also promote the sustainable development of enterprises and create benefits for enterprises and society. According to the different magnetic induction intensity, dry magnetic separators can be divided into dry weak magnetic field separators, dry magnetic field separators, dry strong magnetic field separators, and dry high gradient magnetic separators.

     Dry magnetic field magnetic separators can be divided into two types according to the size of the ore: one is a fine particle dry magnetic field magnetic separator, also known as a dry cylindrical magnetic separator, such equipment due to low technical specifications, dust is difficult to control, It is gradually being replaced by a wet weak magnetic field magnetic separator and is now only used in cold and severe water shortages.The other is large ore dry magnetic separator, which has developed rapidly in recent years and is widely used. The dry magnet magnetic separator of large ore is also called magnetic pulley. With the development of industrial technology, the upper limit of grain size has been raised from -75mm to more than 350mm. It is used in advance to throw tail and occupies an important position in energy saving and consumption reduction in the concentrator. The CT series dry magnet magnetic separator developed by the Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute and the CTDC series dry permanent magnetic separator studied by the Maanshan Institute of Mining Research are the representative dry magnetic separator of large ore, which are mainly used in the dry preselection of the lump ore, forgiving part of the tailings in advance, in order to reduce the ore entry and reduce the energy. Consumption, the size range of CT series dry magnetic separator can reach 100 ~ 300mm.

     The dry medium magnetic field magnetic separator can be used to remove the strong magnetic minerals and iron impurities before the strong magnetic separation, the reclaim of the tailings of the magnetic selection plant and the purification of the non-metallic ore. It is widely used in the separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted magnetite and pseudo hematite. The dry magnetic magnetic separator in China has achieved permanent magnetization. For example, the magnetic system of CXF rare-earth permanent magnet swaying magnetic separator is made of high performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material. The magnetic induction intensity of the roller surface is 300 ~ 800mT, rolling magnetic system, conveying materials through stainless steel rollers, with the advantages of not easy wear of magnets and non blockage of materials. It has good performance and wide application. It is especially suitable for the purification of non-metallic minerals with high iron content. The series of magnetic separators are used for iron removal and purification of brown corundum from a certain plant in Henan, so that the content of magnetic iron minerals is reduced from 20% to 0.045%, and the separation indexes are good.


      The dry high magnetic field magnetic separator is mainly used for the separation of coarse minerals. Up to now, it has been used for more than 50 years, and can be divided into 2 types: electromagnetic magnetic system and permanent magnetic system. The GCG type dry magnetic induction roller strong magnetic separator, developed by the Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute, is low in power consumption and good in ore dressing. It is suitable for fine grained nonferrous metal mineral removal and non-metallic mineral purification. The GCG type dry magnetic induction roller strong magnetic separator is used in Jixi sillimanite plant, its power consumption is 75% ~ 80% of the same kind of equipment, and the 1 separation index of the coarse selection is better than the 4 section of the original roll strong magnetic separator. The permanent magnetic roller type magnetic separator is developed with the development of rare earth permanent magnetic material. It has higher magnetic force, smaller quality and smaller size and lower technical cost than electromagnetic induction roller magnetic separator. YCG series coarse particle permanent magnetic roller type high magnetic separator is suitable for coarse particle tail and non-metallic ore purification. In the experimental study of eliminating coarse grain jigs in Meishan iron ore dressing plant, it is found that the use of YCG-350mm x 1000mm coarse magnetic roller strong magnetic separator is more advantageous than the 300mm x 1000mm double roll strong magnetic separator of American INPROSYS company, and the final precision is obtained. The grade of iron ore is increased by 2.90 percentage points, the recovery rate is increased by 2.85 percentage points, and the iron grade of tailings is reduced to 10% ~ 20%, and 85 thousand T coarse concentrate can be collected in one year, and the economic benefit is increased by more than 10 million yuan per year.

     The dry type high gradient magnetic separator is suitable for dry iron removal of non-metallic minerals. It is a typical SLon-1000 dry type high gradient magnetic separator developed by Ganzhou gold ring magnetic separator Co., Ltd., which is directly obtained from the SLon series wet vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator without the need for condensation, dehydration and drying. Products, less water consumption, low investment and management costs. Under the laboratory conditions, the SLon-1000 dry vibrating high gradient magnetic separator was used to remove iron from Guangdong Ying De quartzite. The 1 separation was a good index of only 0.04% of the quartz concentrate with a Fe2O3 grade. The successful development of dry vibrating high gradient magnetic separator has positive significance to improve the comprehensive ore dressing level and comprehensive economic benefit of non-metallic ore in China, and can meet the non metal iron removal demand of most middle and small non-metallic mines of our country.

     At present, the research on dry magnetic separation equipment does not attach importance to the influence of other performance parameters on magnetic properties. In actual production, the separation process is more extensive, and the fine separation can not be realized. The metal loss rate is high. The characteristics of the materials needed to be separated and magnetic field characteristics should be combined to improve the adaptability of the equipment. The fine particle dry separation equipment will be an important development direction in the future. It is the key to high efficiency and energy saving of dry magnetic separation equipment.

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