Dry Process And Wet Process Process
Mar 05, 2018

There are two kinds of technology used in the industrial production by the type of the iron removal equipment for the wet iron remover. Dry process and wet processing technology, rough kaolin is designed and produced by dry method, and soft kaolin is developed by wet method. The dry process of ore dressing process is a simple and economical processing technology. The raw ore is broken to 25 by a hammer crusher. After two 4mm of the application process of the iron separator in industrial production, the electromagnetic iron remover is what the cage type crusher is, making the particle size decrease to 6. 35mm, the hot air in the cage crusher reduces the water content of Kaolin from 20% to about 10%. Wet iron remover has the advantages of convenient installation, disassembly and use, can remove most of the slag and iron, powder: dry process and wet process permanent magnetic separators price so that product quality can be increased.

The work can not be less careful planning and arrangements for any negligence, even missed the same sampling point, permanent magnetic separators price less testing with a project, a lack of the same data, it can affect the test results, even make the inspection and test data. Electromagnetic iron remover! In this case, in the design of the same single machine check.

The beneficiation stage must include hydraulic classification, removal of iron, selective flocculation, magnetic separation, chemical treatment (bleaching) and other operations to remove the same impurities. The prepared slurry after washing box rake, floating trough or sand removing cyclone classifier, then use continuous centrifuge, hydrocyclone, hydraulic separator or vibration sieve (325 mesh) can be divided into two grade thickness. Wet iron remover can be installed in the slurry tank, it has good effect of iron removal and not easy to damage.

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