Effect Of Magnetic Selection Equipment On Magnetic Selection Effect
Jun 19, 2018

1. The selection and arrangement of magnetic separation equipment is very important.

     Before selecting the magnetic equipment, the quality requirements of the product are first positioned, the slurry is then physically analyzed, and then the magnetic equipment is reasonably selected. Different products have different requirements for magnetic separation efficiency: for example, high-end daily ceramics, light-colored polished bricks and cleaning utensils, not only to remove the mechanical iron in the slurry, but also to remove the weak magnetic impurities therein; In addition, such as glazed bricks, the magnetic selection requirements for the base and glaze are not the same, the base material requirements are low, and the glaze requirements are high; And different types of glaze requirements are not the same, such as metal glazed bricks, almost no iron removal; For general wall tiles, the magnetic selection requirements are lower.

     For slurry with high requirements for magnetic separation, a variety of iron removal equipment can be used in series or parallel magnetic separation. For high-grade daily-use ceramics magnetic separation, it is possible to remove the ferromagnetic impurities in the automatic magnetic bar magnetic separator with a lower cost, and then use it in series with the automatic magnetic separator of the induction series to remove the weak magnetic impurities. This series connection can not only improve the efficiency of magnetic separation, but also save the cost. In the series use, the strong magnetic field iron remover should be arranged downstream; the same type of the parallel use of the model is to increase the workload to reach the specification. The flow specification of each model should be The same, the control of each machine needs to be synchronized to avoid simultaneous cleaning of multiple machines. The use of the same model series and parallel connection is to meet the production output demand. Currently, there are iron removal machines with output ranging from 5 t/h to 30 t/h, which can basically meet production requirements. It should be noted that the same model is not used in series as much as possible, and this series connection makes the downstream machine basically not magnetically selected.

     In the magnetic selection of the magnet bar magnetic separation, it is necessary to rationally design the spatial arrangement of the magnetic selector bar. The layout is too intensive, not only affects the flow velocity, but also increases the cost and cleaning labor, too sparse can not achieve the effect of removing iron. In order to improve the magnetic separation effect of the magnetic bar on the surface layer flow and the underlying flow slurry, the double-layer or multi-layer magnetic bar is generally adopted in the form of a staggered arrangement of high and low phases to achieve the objective. The diameter of the magnet bar should also be appropriate to take full advantage of the available magnetic source surface area. With the same weight of magnetic source, the larger the number of magnetic bars, the larger the effective surface area, the better the effect, and the cost will be reduced. Of course, the mechanical strength and application requirements of the magnetic bar must also be considered.

2. The performance of the magnetic separation equipment, working magnetic field strength is an important indicator.

     At present, commonly used slurry iron removal equipment includes iron removal tanks, electromagnetic separators, permanent magnetic separators, and other equipment. Working magnetic field strength, production flow, magnetic separation efficiency, and cleaning are important indexes for judging the magnetic separation effect of magnetic separators. But the working magnetic field is the core. The highest magnetization of magnetic bar is around 8000Gs; the highest working range of electromagnetic iron remover is about 0.5 ~ 15,000 Gs; superconducting high-power iron remover can reach 1.5 ~ 30,000Gs or even higher; induction series magnetic separator The working magnetic field can reach 1.0 to 18,000 Gs. With the same magnetic separation efficiency, the higher the output, the stronger the required working magnetic field strength, and the increase in field strength and gradient will increase the difficulty and cost of producing magnetic materials. Usually, the field strength will increase by 10%, and the cost will increase. With a 20% increase, we cannot pursue high magnetic fields blindly. 

3. The use of magnetic separation equipment, reasonable cleaning is the key.

     In the magnetic separation process, timely and effective cleaning is the most effective method to improve the magnetic separation effect. After the magnetic source of the magnetic separation equipment adsorbs certain magnetic impurities on the surface, the ability of re-adsorption gradually decreases with the increase of adsorbed substances, and when it weakens to a small value and is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the magnetic separation effect. The automatic cleaning method can adjust the cleaning cycle according to the level of iron content in the slurry and the output requirements. No manual intervention is required. This type of machine can not only improve the effect of magnetic separation, but also save water. According to the current use of the factory, the use of automatic magnetic separators is imperative.

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