Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Vortex Current Separator
Jun 06, 2018

     As a new favorite in industry, vortex current separator is widely used in industrial production, especially in metal recovery industry.

     The vortex current separator is composed of the main body of the separator and the control cabinet. The main part mainly includes the selection assembly, drive motor, frame and cover parts. The separation has always become a core component of the equipment and consists of a permanent magnetic drum, a material transportation system(including a material conveyor belt, a conveyor belt drive drum, and a deceleration motor).

     The eddy current magnetic separator is mainly used for the separation of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum in the fragmented sections of industrial solid waste such as electronic waste, used plastic doors and Windows, and used automobiles. The vortex current magnetic separator has good separation effect, strong adaptability, and reliable mechanical structure for various non-ferrous metals. It has the characteristics of strong repulsion force and high separation efficiency. It is not suitable for the separation of fine particles of non-ferrous metals, and it is not suitable for the separation of iron metals. The more uniform the shape of the material, the better the separation effect.

     Vortex current separation is a sorting technique that uses different conductivity of matter. Its separation principle is based on two important physical phenomena: a alternating magnetic field that changes over time is always accompanied by a alternating electric field; The current carrying conductor generates a magnetic field. When the eddy current magnetic separator is working, a high frequency alternating magnetic field is generated on the surface of the separation magnetic roll. When the conductive non-ferrous metal passes through the magnetic field, the eddy current is induced in the non-ferrous metal. The eddy current itself produces the opposite direction of the original magnetic field. Magnetic field, Non-ferrous metals will leap forward along the direction of transport due to the repulsion of the magnetic field, achieve separation from other non-metallic substances, and achieve the purpose of sorting; The main distinguishing criterion is the ratio value of the conductivity and density of the material, and the material with a high ratio value is easier to separate than the material with a low ratio.

   The principle of vortex current separator is vortex current sorting technology. Friends want to understand the principle of vortex current separator? If you have any further questions, please consult us.

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