Fault Analysis Of Magnetic Separator
Jun 14, 2018

In today's society, with the continuous development of the economy and scientific progress, the application of magnetic separators in mining industry is also more and more, so how can we prevent magnetic separators from "stopping work" in the production and application process? Here are some of the reasons for the malfunction in the use of the magnetic separator.

1.Reasons for overheating and abnormal sound of magnetic separator motors:

a. Poor lubrication or more serious wear of bearings;

b. Motor fan leaves fall off or wear;

c. There's a problem with the switch wiring.

2. The sound of the magnetic separator is not normal during operation. The cylinder is stuck by the material or other large pieces, so that the cylinder does not rotate and the bottom box vibrates.

     This is often caused by the magnetic equipment being stuck by the object in the bottom box, or the magnetic block falling off, making the tube creak, and in serious cases it will cause the skin of the tube to cut. This should be timely stop inspection, cleaning materials or maintenance.


3. The reasons for the overheating of the reducer are:

a. Not enough oil or poor oil quality;

b. Gear and worm wear excessive, or poor bite;

c. The bearings are badly lubricated or worn.

4. The reasons for the weakening of the magnetic field strength of the magnetic separator are:

a. Too high temperature;

b. Sunlight exposure;

c. Acid and alkali decay.

The above is the common cause of failure in the process of production and use of magnetic separators. If you are intrested in our products, please contact us.

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