Five Tricks To Reduce The Consumption Of Magnetic Separator Parameters
Jun 29, 2018

1. Adjust the magnetic declination of the magnetic separator cylinder to achieve the most suitable angle. The simplest way to check the magnetic declination of the magnetic separator is to find a small screw or iron nail on the roller side of the magnetic separator. If the high magnetic upper edge of the cylinder is flat, the magnetic deviation of the magnetic separator is suitable, otherwise the adjustment should be re adjusted to achieve the best effect.

2. At the top of the magnetic separator, the coarse net is set up. The recovery time of magnetic particles in the equipment is very short. Due to the influence of production conditions, the magnetic separator will inevitably and differently mixed into the >0.5mm particles. These particles are precipitated at the bottom of the magnetic separator, blocking or partially plugging the slurry flow channel, resulting in a sudden increase in the flow velocity, especially the fine particles. Adhesion to the roller is lost with the tailings. Therefore, it is necessary to add coarse net to each feeder of the magnetic separator so as to remove coarse particles in time and make the slurry flow evenly along the groove width, which helps to recover magnetic materials.

3. Adjust the height of the overflow weir of the tailings. After the magnetic separator is recovered by magnetic separator, there is still a medium in the tailings. It can properly adjust the height of the overflow weir of the tailings, so that the medium is enriched two times to the roller of the magnetic separator so as to get the effective recovery.

4. Discharge the concentrate in time. By installing a unloader (waste belt) at the discharge of the magnetic separator roller, the concentrated concentrate on the drum can be forcibly removed, and the water spray pipe is installed along the axial direction of the drum, and the water spray pipe will be pressurized. The unconcentrated concentrate on the drum flushes away to prevent the concentrate already enriched on the drum from flowing back into the dilute medium as the drum re-enters the flow.

5.Ensuring the level of the magnetic separator's feed slot to ensure that the dilute medium is evenly fed into the magnetic separator along the feed slot section, so that the magnetic separator roller can evenly recover the magnetic substances in the dilute medium, avoiding the magnetization caused by uneven feeding. The large dilute medium volume of the sorting drum makes it impossible for the medium to be recovered and lost in the tailings.

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