Garnet Dry Magnetic Separator
Jul 19, 2018

The beneficiation advantage of the dry magnetic separator of garnet:

1. Designed according to the physical properties of garnets, with strong selectivity.

2. Can be completely removed by garnet, and the separation effect is good.

3. There are three kinds of field strength: weak, medium and strong, with high magnetic field intensity and large magnetic field.

4. The transmission principle of the machine is very simple, the operation is simple and convenient, the mineral recovery rate is high, and the equipment handling capacity is large.

5. The scope of mineral separation is extensive, and the environment of equipment is strong.

The scope of application of dry magnetic separator for garnet

1. Lean iron ores are coarsely selected after coarse crushing or medium crushing, removing waste rocks such as surrounding rock, improving grade and reducing the burden of the next process.

2. It is used for the separation of raw ores which are not fully reduced in the reduction roasting operation of hematite.

3. It is used in ceramic industry to remove iron mixed with porcelain mud and improve the quality of ceramic products.

4. Burning iron and steel, casting sand, refractory and other lines.

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