How To Conduct The Quartz Beneficiation
Jun 15, 2018

     The existence of these iron impurities greatly reduces the use value of quartz sand and affects the quality of the products. For example, in the production of glass, iron containing impurities will have great harm to the production and quality of glass, especially the thermodynamic properties of glass melting process and the light transmittance of glass products. Therefore, it is very important to improve the grade of quartz sand and reduce the content of iron in the production process. In actual production, the raw materials are washed and deactivated first, and then mechanical scrubbing, magnetic separation, flotation, ultrasonic cleaning and acid leaching are used to remove the iron elements in quartz sand and improve the use value of quartz sand.


     The main mineral in quartz sand, quartz, is a diamagnetic material that can not be magnetized in a magnetic field. The iron-containing impurity minerals in quartz sand: hematite, limonite, magnetite, goethite, etc., most of which are magnetic materials that can be magnetized in a magnetic field. In the magnetic separation process, this difference in properties is used to remove these iron-containing impurities in quartz sand by magnetic separation. In order to remove iron-containing minerals and separate magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals, the magnetic force acting on magnetic minerals must satisfy the following conditions: the magnetic force acting on magnetic ore particles is greater than the combined force of all mechanical forces acting on magnetic ore particles.

     In the magnetic separation process, the wet magnetic separator can remove the weakly magnetic impurities, such as hematite, limonite and biotite, including the particles of the continuous body. Generally speaking, the quartz sand, which is mainly containing the weak magnetic impurity minerals, can be selected by the wet strong magnetic machine above 10000 Gauss, and the weak magnetic machine or the medium magnetic machine is better for the strong magnetic minerals with magnetite as the main impurity. High quality quartz sand concentrate with Fe2O3 of 0.036% can be obtained by wet high intensity magnetic separator in production. The iron removal effect of wet high intensity magnetic separator is influenced by parameters such as feed quantity, washing water volume and magnetic field intensity, and the influence of magnetic field intensity is the biggest. In addition, the more times of magnetic separation, the smaller the size of quartz sand, the better the effect of iron removal.

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