How To Distinguish Between Bone China And Kaolin Porcelain
Mar 24, 2018

[difference] bone porcelain and kaolin porcelain 1, color: China porcelain powder for reason itself has a natural milk white, in other words, with a little yellow, this is a feature of any other kinds are unable to copy out.Kaolin porcelain is pure white.2, permeability: the reason for the formulation of Bone China has an important external feature is permeability,But this feature is not China's proprietary, on the market of shell porcelain and white porcelain (kaolin porcelain), pearl porcelain as long as Bo Yixie,There is also the permeability and their permeability, but China is different, for customers,The bone on the bulb to see, bone meal with high content of Fine Bone China is wholly transparent, low content of bone and other bone china porcelain that has the obvious difference in the permeability effect. Moreover, the same thickness of porcelain, the permeability of Bone China is far higher than the same kind of porcelain.3, voice: two grade bone china products gently collided, like sweet voice like the sound of wind chimes, and there will be a few seconds of echo, and other kinds of no, also does not have the characteristics of kaolin porcelain. [Bone China] (Bone China):Also referred to as bone china, Bone China, production began in England, the basic process is based on animal bone char, clay, feldspar and quartz as raw materials, a kind of porcelain biscuiting after high temperature and low temperature glaze firing two times.The two basic features of Bone China are the essential basis to distinguish between Bone China and other porcelain.Feature: char content above 36% (national standard); two characteristics: after two firing into (biscuiting, glaze). According to the British standard set by China, with thirty percent from animal bones of calcium phosphate, and the finished product has light transmittance, have called china. Bone porcelain because of its unique shape, simple and neat, white and delicate texture, has long been the countries aristocracy with porcelain, is recognized as the world's only high-grade porcelain. Kaolin clay is a clay and clay rock based on the clay minerals of the kaolinite. The pure kaolin is white and delicate and soft. It has good physical and chemical properties, such as plasticity and fire resistance. The mineral composition is mainly composed of mineral kaolinite, halloysite, illite, illite, montmorillonite and quartz, feldspar etc.. Kaolin is widely used, mainly for paper making, ceramics and refractory materials. The burnt ceramics are called "kaolin porcelain".

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