How To Distinguish Quartz Grades
Apr 04, 2018

Yingshi is made of two main materials: about 93% quartz sand and about 7% resin. Quartzite has a high hardness, and scratches its surface with sharp-mirror items to prevent product scratches. Different colors。

Artificial jade is made of two kinds of main materials, about 35% resin and 65% aluminum powder. Artificial jade is low in hardness and easily scratches on the surface.The color is different from the surface hardness, color, feel, scratches to define.Quartz and gangue are difficult to distinguish from the naked eye. Under normal circumstances, the simplest method is to take quartz stone and gangue,Hard stone hardness is relatively easy to produce scratches, the other test is not much, is soaked with strong acid, there is a large bubble stone composition, mainly these two kinds,However, it is really difficult to see from the naked eye. Many people in the industry, including many, do not know, and now there are such habits in the market, especially small and medium-sized brands.He said that I am a quartz stone, not a stone, you go to ten to ask nine homes, but in the end who is a stone, I think this issue will infringe the interests of consumers, the real domestic market for the sale of quartz stone The price is more than 1,000 yuan a meter,The stone is generally different, if the stone is lower than the price of 700-800 yuan, under normal circumstances is the stone. But he will also say that he is quartz stone.From the price really lower than 600-700 is the composition of the stone, sales of this piece of profit, it is impossible to do quartz stone.Quartz quartz is expensive, including expensive processing equipment. However, it is terrible that the stone. Sell the price of quartz stone.

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