How To Ensure The Effect Of Dry Magnetic Separator
May 19, 2018

1. Adjust the distance between the magnetic roller and the material plate

The distance between the separator plate and the magnetic roller is an important parameter in the pre selection process. The smaller the partition plate distance is, the poor recovery of the lean magnetite block can not be obtained, and the utilization ratio of the ore resources is reduced. The greater the distance of the partition plate, the better separation of the gangue minerals and the decline of the grinding grade, which is not conducive to the use of the grinding efficiency. According to the nature of the ore and the adjustment of the distance between the material plate and the roller, the pulse stone is fully thrown out, at the same time, the full recovery of the magnetic products can be ensured, and the recovery rate of the dry concentrate is guaranteed.

2. Adjusting the height of the separator plate of the dry magnetic separator

The separation plate of magnetic separator directly affects the separation effect of the magnetic separator. The separation plate is too low to make the extremely poor magnetite block get a better recovery and reduce the utilization ratio of the ore resources; the separation plate is too high and the gangue mineral is thrown out not thoroughly, which affects the selection effect of the dry magnetic separator. According to the specific circumstances, it adjusts the height of dry separation distributor, so that the dry selection can not only guarantee a certain proportion of the tailings, but also make the non-magnetic minerals better thrown out.

3, increase the flat feeder, try to make the dry selection layer thin and uniform.

In general, magnetic separator cylinder surface distance farther, magnetic attenuation more powerful, through the thick material will cause magnetic particles and magnetic particles mixed with each other, influence the separation effect of the ore particles on the belt can achieve the most ideal monolayer distribution. It is necessary to increase material level feeder before dry selection and make full use of the effective width of the belt, so that the dry selection layer is thin and even, so as to ensure the effect of dry separation.

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