Six misunderstandings to be avoided in selecting magnetic separators
May 19, 2018

As one of the widely used equipment in ore dressing equipment, the advantages of dry magnetic separator have been confirmed by everyone. But when selecting magnetic separator, there will be problems. How to choose the magnetic separator correctly? What is the misunderstanding of the choice?

The wrong way to choose the dry magnetic separator is:

1, do not distinguish between magnetic materials in the situation, blindly pursue the higher the magnetic field the better.

2. Single magnetic separator solves magnetic materials in various materials.

3, we should not fully consider the running state of materials during magnetic separation and iron removal.

4, the high magnetic field is equal to the high magnetic force.

5. Installation of magnetic separation and iron removal equipment to solve the problem of magnetic pollution of a system.

6, blind investment and investment means solving the problem.

We should try to avoid these misunderstandings when we buy, and we can gain profits by rational investment.

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