How To Improve The Iron Removal Effect Of Iron Remover
Apr 03, 2018

The iron remover can generate a strong magnetic field, which creates attractiveness. Its purpose is to remove the mixed iron and other magnetic materials in the raw materials to ensure that the crusher, ball mill and other mechanical equipment in the delivery system can work safely and normally.In order to improve the efficiency of removing iron, we have developed a method to increase the efficiency of iron removal.The electromagnet is subjected to "short-term forced excitation", ie, a sensor is installed on the front side of the pole shoes of the electromagnet and below the conveyor belt. Its purpose is to use the sensor to detect the farthest distance from the pole shoes.The magnetic material that attracts the weakest point, and then passes the sensor to detect the signal to the strong excitation rectifier, so that when the magnetic material passes under the pole piece,Applying a high power supply voltage to the magnet ring for a short period of time generates a powerful magnetic flux that causes the electromagnetic attraction force to increase rapidly for a short time. This will allow the magnetic material buried deeper to be drawn out and the voltage will be restored to the usual power supply state.

The purpose of installing the sensor in front of the pole piece is to avoid interference from the magnetic field of the electromagnet. Under normal circumstances, when the iron material is in the upper or middle of the coal layer, the sensor is not allowed to send a valid signal, only when the iron is buried in the bottom of the coal layer. Can send a valid signal.

The sensor installed on the iron remover has four links, which are the normal excitation trigger control link, the powerful delay control link, the powerful time control link, and the powerful departure control link.

The "short-term strong excitation" method implemented on the iron remover greatly improved the previous defect and made it more practical.

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