How To Improve The Magnetic Separation Effect Of Magnetic Separator
Jul 04, 2018

     Magnetic separators generate strong magnetic fields, which are attractive. Its purpose is to remove the iron and other magnetic materials mixed in the raw material, so as to ensure the safety and normal work of the mechanical equipment, such as crusher and ball mill in the conveying system. In order to improve the efficiency of magnetic separation, our factory has developed a method to improve the efficiency of magnetic separation. It implements a "short-time strong excitation" for electromagnets, which is to install a sensor at the front of the electromagnet pole and the bottom of the conveyor belt. The purpose is to use the sensor to detect the farthest and weakest magnetic properties of the pole and the weakest attraction. Quality, then pass the detected signal through the sensor to the strong excitation rectifier, so that when the magnetic material is underneath the pole, a high power supply voltage is applied briefly to the circle of the magnet, which produces a powerful magnetic flow and increases the electromagnetic suction for a short time so that the magnetic material which is buried deep is sucked out and then the voltage can be obtained. Restore to normal power supply state.

     The purpose of the sensor installed in front of the pole is to avoid the interference of the magnetic field of the electromagnet. In general, when the iron material is in the upper or middle of the coal seam, the sensor is not allowed to send the effective signal. Only when the iron is buried at the bottom of the coal seam, the effective signal can be sent.

The sensor installed on the magnetic separator has four links, which are the normal excitation trigger control link, the strong delay control link, the powerful time control link, and the powerful starting control link.

     The "short time strong excitation" method applied to magnetic separators greatly improves the previous defects and makes them more practical.

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