How To Install The Suspension Type Magnetic Separator And The Precautions
Jun 27, 2018

Magnetic separator installation location selection

(1) Space is spacious, convenient for transportation and hoisting machines.

(2) Iron separator and removal of magnetic separator.

(3) Installation and fixing.

(4) The best feeding head magnetic separator drives the apex of the polishing material in the mounting or mounting roller near the drive roller to mount the above transition.

Magnetic separator tilt installation

(1) The magnetic separation of the nose above the material conveyor belt shall be installed in the longitudinal tilt of the belt magnetic separator.

(2) The iron is installed on the mountainous area of the conveyor belt, and then the belt conveyor of the belt separator is vertically suspended in the longitudinal direction, so that it is installed at a side inclination angle and is brought down at a large inclination angle, but α max <18°.

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