How To Optimize The Design Of Cylinder Type Magnetic Separator
Mar 16, 2018

The cylinder type magnetic separator is optimized by computer. The magnetic circuit is reasonable and the high coercive force and high remanence magnet are selected strictly, so that the performance of the magnet can not be reduced for a long time, so that the long-term interests of users can be guaranteed, and the whole structure is reliable and durable. The principle of separator is when the pulp into the magnetic field, the strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder, weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals is to get rid of the discharge, and the adsorption on the surface of the cylinder have strong magnetic minerals with the rotation of the cylinder, was taken out of the magnetic field, rinse into the concentrate tank, to complete the sorting operation. Because of the rich and less rich iron ore in China, complex type and fine granularity, the grade of iron concentrate produced is low and the content of SI is high. Therefore, how to improve the quality of iron concentrate has attracted the attention of Chinese enterprises and mining and metallurgical scientists in recent years, and a lot of research and development have been carried out on mineral processing equipment. On the magnetic separation equipment research, in recent years on the development of the BKJ type magnetite concentrator, BKB type and BX type multi pole permanent magnetic drum separator and multi force field separation equipment etc.. The research and development of these equipment greatly improved the quality of iron concentrate and also promoted the development of iron ore dressing technology. For drum type magnetic separator, the optimization scheme is: the weak magnetic field separator is still mainly based on the research of permanent magnet cylindrical magnetic separator, and a lot of research and experimental work has been done in the aspects of the way of feeding, the wear resistance of the cylinder surface and the structure of the tank. Is representative of the separator of a domestic research institute of mining and metallurgy and an American company for magnetic drum permanent magnetic separator cylinder body wear surface technology research, design and production of stainless steel double barrel skin; the second is to install the valve in the separator at the bottom of the tank tailing pipe, regulating the level of pulp height. The separator has been used in the country, by the user's recognition and removal of iron ore dressing again to choose a lot, this model is applicable to ilmenite hematite iron, iron, chromium iron, rutile monazite iron, iron, lithium iron manganese ore limestone, iron ore, in addition to iron ore and bauxite, scandium iron iron etc.. It is a highly efficient and energy-saving beneficiation equipment, especially in large production, which shows his unique superiority.

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