How To Use Magnetic Separator
Jun 27, 2018

1. The correct choice of magnetic separator must take into account the iron content of the material, the magnetic separation requirements, the use environment, and the magnetic separation itself.

2. When the material contains more iron, a self-dumping electromagnetic and permanent magnetic separator with continuous iron discharging capability should be selected. (Wanjiade single belt conveyor, multi-layer belt conveyor)

3, when the material contains less iron, should use manual iron unloading electromagnetic, permanent magnetic separator. Appropriately reduce the height of suspension, which is conducive to magnetic separation.

4. When the material contains few irons, the metal detector should be used together with the strong excitation magnetic unloading electromagnetic magnetic separator. The energy saving and energy saving and magnetic separation effect are good.

5, when the power capacity is limited, it should choose permanent magnetic separator (Wanjiade permanent magnetic separator, green energy).

6, when the use of environmental dust is more serious, should use a fully enclosed structure of the magnetic separator,

7. When the magnetic separator is installed in the head of the belt conveyor, the material has a forward momentum and loose shape is conducive to magnetic separation, but the driving wheel at the bottom of the magnetic separator should be non-ferromagnetic material.

8. For non-ferromagnetic metal materials that cannot be adsorbed by magnetic separators, metal detectors should be selected for detection and alarming.

9, magnetic separator iron has the following characteristics: large suction long easy to small short; easy to suction the ball; suction easy to static. For applications requiring high magnetic separation, the specifications of the magnetic separator should be appropriately increased or multi-stage magnetic separation should be adopted.

10. When multi-stage magnetic separation is adopted, the magnetic attraction force of the rear stage should be higher than the magnetic attraction force of the preceding stage; otherwise, the magnetic separation effect of the rear stage magnetic separator is poor.

11. There are many ways to remove iron from magnetic materials. If the situation is complicated, we should cooperate with the technical department of our company to carry out special design according to the special use of the user and the special environment.

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