Influence Of Raw Materials On Magnetic Separation
Jun 19, 2018

     The physical properties of the slurry directly affect the magnetic separation efficiency of the magnetic separator. Its main physical properties include the concentration, viscosity, velocity, particle size, temperature, iron content of the slurry and the strength of magnetic impurities, which mainly affect the magnetic attraction of magnetic materials, and the attraction F is greater than that of preventing magnetic particles. The resultant force FC (or competitiveness) that has been separated can be attracted and separated.

     When the slurry is magnetic separation, the attraction is not only related to the strength of the magnetic field and its viscosity, but also related to the nature of the ferromagnetic impurities. The greater the specific magnetic susceptibility k of the impurity, the greater the F; the greater the weight of the particles themselves, the greater the F. Competitiveness includes the volume of ferromagnetic particles, centrifugal force, inertial force and fluid resistance, etc., while inertial force and fluid resistance are major parts of competitiveness, and fluid resistance at this time

     The viscosity of the slurry, the size of the iron mineral particles and the velocity of the mud affect the competitiveness, thus affecting the magnetic separation effect. Therefore, in the use of magnetic separator, we must carefully grasp the slurry "four degrees" (concentration, viscosity, speed, particle size). The particle size should be determined by the selection of the aperture of the vibrating screen to determine its maximum value; the velocity is directly related to the flow rate; the viscosity is related to the concentration, properties and additives of the slurry; the concentration is determined by the proportion of water.

    The temperature of the slurry has a great influence on the magnetic separation efficiency. The temperature of the slurry is high and the intensity of the magnetic field is reduced, which not only affects the attraction of the magnetic field, but also shortens the life of the magnetic material. Good magnetic material can withstand the temperature of about 80 C, but the price is expensive, but the difference can only work at normal temperature, so the magnetic separator should not be used directly after the ball mill, because the size of the ball mill can be above 80 degrees C. In the production process of ceramic products, it is generally suitable to be installed on the back up slurry tank process or on the conveying line of slurry.

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