Kaolin dry processing
May 25, 2018

       Kaolin has an effective drying, kaolin drying needs kaolin dryer, kaolin dryer can also be called a rotary dryer, generally applicable to granular materials, and can also be used in some ways to dry sticky, paste material or high water content. The two ends of the kaolin dryer are high sealed, both energy saving and environmental protection. Electricity is only 30% of the same kind of products, and the coal consumption is only 50%, and the indexes of the material after drying are all higher than the national standard.

      The kaolin drier has large processing capacity, less fuel consumption and low drying cost, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. It can use high temperature hot air to dry the material quickly. The expansibility is strong. The design takes into account the production allowance. Even if the output is increased little, the equipment is not needed, and the specially designed gear wheel structure is greatly reduced. Low level thrust due to the tilt of the equipment, strong overload resistance, smooth operation of the cylinder and high reliability.

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