Magnetic Field Screening Machine
Jun 08, 2018

     The magnetic field screening machine separates the magnetic aggregate and gangue minerals by sieving and grading. In the special sieves of magnetic field screening machine, the strong magnetic monomers form a magnetic chain which is more than dozens of times of the sieve material in the form of magnetic agglomeration, and enter the concentrate with the sieve surface, while the weak magnetic coupling and non magnetic gangue minerals are scattered, and it is easy to penetrate the sieve pore and enter the middle mine because of the small size of the magnetic particle. Compared with magnetic separator and magnetic separator, magnetic field screening machine has the advantages of wide selection granularity range, high separation precision and small water consumption. It is widely used in the selection of magnetite, roasted magnetite, vanadium and titanium magnetite and other strong magnetic minerals, such as different types and sizes of magnetite, roasted magnetite, vanadium and titanium magnetite and so on. In this way, it can not only improve the quality of the concentrate, but also relax the fineness of the coarse grinding, reduce the grinding, simplify the process, save energy and reduce the consumption. It can be used instead of the original two, three sections of magnetic selection and magnetic dehydrating tank.



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