Magnetic-fluid Beneficiation
Jun 23, 2018

     Magnetic fluid beneficiation is a new process of magnetic separation, including magnetic fluid static separation and magnetic fluid dynamic separation.

     It uses special flow ratios (such as paramagnetic solution, ferromagnetic colloidal suspension and electrolyte solution) as sorting media, and uses these special fluids to generate “heavier” effects under the combined effect of magnetic fields or magnetic fields and electric fields. The difference in magnetic properties and density of minerals, or the difference in magnetic properties, electrical conductivity, and density, enables a mineral separation method to separate different minerals. When the difference in magnetic properties between minerals is small, and the density or conductivity difference is large, the use of magnetic fluid beneficiation method can achieve effective separation.

     As the magnetic fluid has magnetic properties, if the density gradient distribution is changed under the effect of different magnetic fields, the heavy medium in the traditional heavy medium beneficiation can be replaced to perform highly efficient heavy medium beneficiation. This is magnetic fluid sorting.

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