Magnetic Induction Strength Of The Magnetic System Of A Dry Magnetic Separator
May 23, 2018

Dry magnetic separator is a magnetic mineral processing machine for separating the dry magnetic minerals. Compared with the wet magnetic separator, it is necessary to use liquid as a diluent to improve the separation efficiency. The dry magnetic separator requires the dry minerals to be dried, the particles can be moved freely and become independent free state, otherwise they will be free. The effect of magnetic separation will even result in non sorting.

The three types of dry magnetic separators include water feeding pipes in the ore feeding boxes, three types of water pipes in the bottom of the tank and the water pipes in the concentrate. When the ore is supplied with water, it is used to adjust the ore pulp mass fraction. When the bottom of the trough is blown away, water is blown away from the pulp of the magnetic separator, and at the same time it is suspended in a soft suspended state into the selected zoning, and the concentrate of the concentrate is used to discharge the concentrate.

As for the size of the mineral water, the range of the change range of the ore mass fraction of the river sand magnetic separator can be wide, and the change of the normal in the range of% to% has little influence on the selection index. Of course, when the mass fraction of the ore slurry is too high, the viscosity of the pulp will be larger, and the flow state is not good, which can be added to the mineral water to be diluted and kaolin rotary kiln. For ore pulp with low mass fraction (below%), mineral water can not be added. The size of the bottom water at the bottom of the tank is more obvious for the selection index. In general, greater dispersion of water is beneficial to improving the grade of concentrate. Smaller amount of blown water is beneficial to increasing recovery rate. Of course, the suitable blowing water should be determined according to the nature of the ore, the amount of ore supply and the requirements of the operation. It is best to find out by the single machine to find out the suitable range of the water for the permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separator. OK.

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