Magnetic Polymer
Jun 07, 2018

     Magnetic concentrator, the magnetic agglomeration gravity concentrator, is a equipment which integrates magnetic ore dressing and gravity concentrating. Compared with the traditional permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separator, it has higher separation precision. In the working area composed of several layers of magnetic field perpendicular to the flow of the pulp, the magnetic agglomeration - the magnetic agglomeration - dispersion reunion - redispersing process is made to make the magnetic field. The separation of sex minerals from nonmagnetic minerals, eutrophic bodies and poor growing bodies leads to the acquisition of high-grade magnetite concentrate. With the development of industrial technology, the magnetic polymer has undergone several changes from the non variable diameter to the variable diameter to the electromagnetic polymer. Its operation is more automatic and intelligent, the beneficiation index is getting better and better, and the application field is more and more widely.

     The variable diameter magnetic agglomeration reelection separator is developed by the Shougang Mining Institute. It is mainly used for the selection of magnetite, the granularity of the mine is -0.25mm, and it is also suitable for the selection and selection of the middling. The Emei iron ore dressing plant uses a variable diameter magnetic accumulator instead of the magnetic dehydrating trough, which makes the iron grade of the concentrate more than 64.5%, the selection target is ideal, and the water consumption of the variable diameter magnetometer is less.

     The non variable diameter and variable diameter magnets have defects such as fine separation size and narrowing. The magnetic ring is composed of permanent magnets, which makes the magnetic field strength unadjustable. The adaptability and automatic control performance of the ore properties are poor, the mixture of gangue and poor joint is serious, the volume of the equipment is huge, the water consumption is large and the operation and adjustment is complex. In order to improve the technical index of the technology, a compound scintillation magnetic field selection machine is invented on the basis of these 2 kinds of magnetic polymer machines, that is, electromagnetic accumulator, replacing the ring permanent magnetic field with electromagnetic field, and adjusting the magnetic field through the electromagnetic coil. Under the same operation and the same condition, the iron grade of the concentrator used by the electromagnetic polymer is 2.20 percentage points higher than that of the ordinary magnetic polymer. The economic benefit is raised by 2.86%, the electricity consumption and the maintenance cost are lower, and the expenditure of 2 million 467 thousand and 600 yuan can be saved every year.

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