Magnetic Separation Column
Jun 08, 2018

     Magnetic separation column is a kind of magnetic gravity separation equipment which has been developed at the end of twentieth Century, which combines magnetic force and gravity. It is also a new and promising new type of high efficiency magnetic separator. The magnetic separation column produces a special magnetic field change mechanism in the magnetic separation space, which makes the materials selected through multiple magnetic reunion - dispersing - magnetic agglomeration repeatedly, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting materials. The material is washed from bottom-up water, which separates the inclusion bodies and gangue minerals in the magnetic agglomeration, and solves the magnetic and nonmagnetic inclusion problems of the conventional magnetic separation equipment, thus obtaining high grade iron concentrate.

     The magnetic separation column can effectively reduce the inclusion of gangue minerals and conjoined bodies in the magnetic agglomeration, and obtain high quality iron concentrate. It has a significant role in reducing silicon in magnetite concentrate, and the prospect of development is considerable. But the tail mode of "flow up and up" makes the magnetic separation column have some defects such as less than 0.2mm, not suitable for coarse selection, poor selection effect on fine particle magnetite, large amount of water consumption and small amount of treatment, which seriously restricts the application of magnetic separation column in industry. In order to overcome these shortcomings of magnetic separation column, Chen Guangzhen and so on developed a new equipment - magnetic separation ring column. Unlike the magnetic separation column, the electromagnet ring yoke magnetic system and the inner cylinder are respectively arranged in the coarse selection area and the sorting cylinder of the magnetic separation ring column. The setting of magnetite yoke system in coarse selection can increase the size range of magnetic ring column to -0.7mm, suitable for selection operation and suitable for coarse selection operation. The design of inner cylinder in the separation cylinder makes the tail mode of magnetic ring column changed to "downstream", which not only reduces the water consumption of the magnetic ring column, but also increases the amount of treatment.

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