Magnetic Separation Methods
Jun 23, 2018

     Magnetic separation is a beneficiation method that uses the difference in magnetic properties of various minerals to perform sorting in the magnetic field of a magnetic separator. When magnetic particles with different magnetic properties pass through the magnetic field of a magnetic separator, they must be subjected to magnetic and mechanical forces. Because the magnetic force of the stronger magnetic particles and the weaker magnetic particles are different, different motion trajectories are generated, so that the ore particles are divided into two or more separate ore dressing products according to different magnetic properties.

     Magnetic separation is widely used in the sorting of ferrous metal ore, the selection of non-ferrous and rare metal ores, the recovery of medium in heavy media beneficiation, the removal of iron-containing impurities from non-metallic mineral raw materials, and the discharge of iron objects to protect crushers and other equipment. , Recover scrap from slag produced from smelting and remove contaminants from production and domestic sewage.

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