Magnetic Separation Of Quartz Sand
Jul 05, 2018

     The magnetic separation of quartz sand is a continuous iron removal process, which is designed for the separation of weakly magnetic minerals from the properties of the weakly magnetic minerals contained in the quartz sand. The quartz sand magnetic separation operation has good effect and improves the beneficiation value of quartz sand. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, clean mineral dressing, less running tail and wide application range.

The advantages of iron ore separation by high intensity magnetic separation are as follows:

1. the magnetic system is made of high quality ferrite material or composite with rare earth magnetic steel.

The average magnetic induction intensity of the 2. cylinder meter is 12000~15000 Gauss.

3. according to the needs of users, we can provide magnetic separation with various surface strength such as downstream, half countercurrent and countercurrent.

4. simple structure, large capacity, easy operation and easy maintenance.

Structural design advantages of quartz sand removal equipment:

The design of the authority in the 1. industry

2. magnets are completely closed by stainless steel boxes

3. all stainless steel tank and carbon steel frame

4. stainless steel end plate and flange

5. double row self-aligning ball bearing can be easily installed without removing the cylinder.

The position adjustment of the 6. magnetic system is simple

7. modularization and easy installation

8. full wide overflow weir

9. large amount of treatment

10. low operating cost

11. the rare earth magnets can be selected

     Quartz sand magnetic separation is used for magnetic separation of quartz sand to improve the beneficiation value of quartz sand and increase the beneficiation profit of quartz sand. The company has a small magnetic selection of mineral processing equipment, the quartz sand you mailed for mineral processing test analysis, reduce the risk of mineral investment, welcome you to visit the company, to discuss cooperation.

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