Magnetic Separator Equipment, Magnetic Separation Of Materials, Crushing And Grinding Process Must Not Be Less
Jan 19, 2018

In the common beneficiation process, crushing and grinding are essential important production processes, such as some important production processes the purpose is to control the size of the mineral processing, and the size of the ore dressing is decided to the ore size, but also affect the magnetic separation process, the final effect of the beneficiation effect. We know that the size of mineral processing is directly related to the efficiency of mineral processing, if the size of mineral processing particles to spend large, for magnetic separator equipment may cause mineral particles into the magnetic field, due to the role of gravity from the drum, resulting in the selection of tailings metal grade increased, concentrate grade recovery reduction. In the same way, if the crushing and grinding process is completed, the mineral may cause the concentrate loss due to its fine grinding. Therefore, it is also important to control the crushing and grinding processes.

In the process of using magnetic separator materials, the most important process in the prophase of magnetic separation process is to improve the grade of selected materials, crushing and grinding. In the beneficiation process, there are two basic processes: one is the dissociation, that is, the bulk of the ore crushing and grinding, so that a variety of useful mineral particles from the ore out of the solution, the second is the separation of the extracted mineral particles according to their physical and chemical characteristics of the difference between the separation of different products. Because most of the useful minerals in nature are closely associated with the gangue, and often with micro-particle inlay, if not first to make a variety of minerals or components separate from each other, even if they have a large difference in nature, can not be divided into elections. Therefore, the full dissociation of useful minerals and gangue is a prerequisite for the adoption of any alternative method, and the purpose of crushing and grinding is to fully extract the useful minerals and gangue that are tightly connected in the ores. The crushing process is the process of decreasing the grain size of the ore block. The dissociation of various useful mineral particles is precisely the result of the decrease in particle size. If the broken product is not fine-grained enough, the useful minerals and gangue are not fully solved, the separation effect is not good, and the crushing products are too thin, produced too much broken particles, although a variety of useful minerals dissociation is very complete, but the index of sorting is not necessarily very good. In order to achieve good sorting index, it is necessary to break or grind to the ideal material granularity for the selected job. Therefore, the basic task of ore-crushing and grinding in the concentrator is to prepare the selected materials for the separation of work, and the granularity of this material is suitable for the chosen method.

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