Maintenance Method Of Magnetic Separator Roller
Jun 16, 2018

     The roller of magnetic separator with material rotation has better ore unloading effect and higher grade of concentrate. The working principle is that in the magnetic field of the magnetic separator, under the magnetic and mechanical force, the manganese ore magnetic separator and the different magnetic material are moving in different ways, so as to achieve the magnetic and non magnetic materials in the separation material.

     Small-scale maintenance should be performed every six months according to their own conditions. The specific maintenance content is: Do not remove the inner gear of the cleaning cylinder,(cycloidal wheel or planetary wheel) and each supporting and running parts, replace the cooling lubricant fluid and so on. Large-scale maintenance should be carried out every two years.

     The contents of maintenance include all parts, inspection, maintenance or replacement. The oil of the oil immersed electric roller and the dry permanent magnet separator should be used strictly in accordance with the formulation of oil in the instruction manual. The wet magnetic separator should not be replaced by the user arbitrarily to prevent the motor from burning.  

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